Washington — Following the announcement of the Freedom to Vote Act, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington President Noah Bookbinder released the following statement:

“Ensuring ethics in our government is an essential part of establishing a government that really works for all Americans, not one that functions for the benefit of those in power. It is disappointing that the ethics provisions of the For the People Act did not make it into the new bill, and CREW will continue working to ensure that reforms to ensure an ethical democracy, including requirements that presidents must divest their business interests and make their tax returns public, remain a priority and become law.

Nonetheless, we cannot overstate how urgent it is that Congress pass the Freedom to Vote Act. This legislation’s provisions to protect access to voting, ensure that political interests cannot interfere with counting of votes by local election officials, meaningfully reduce the influence of money in politics, and curb partisan gerrymandering are existentially important to the continued viability of democracy in America. CREW will work tirelessly to see this crucial legislation passed, and we hope all Americans committed to democracy will join in this effort.”