Following the announcement of the filing of a fraud suit by New York Attorney General Letitia James against former president Donald Trump and his children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump, Jr., others associated with the Trump Organization and the Trump Organization itself, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington President and former federal corruption prosecutor Noah Bookbinder released the following statement:

“Donald Trump and his family have run a corrupt enterprise for years. Even before his presidency, Trump apparently did everything in his power to profit the Trump Organization while keeping those he went to for loans and insurance in the dark about his company’s true financial position.

If his co-opting of the federal government as essentially a subsidiary of the Trump Organization was not bad enough, Trump appears to have committed repeated fraudulent acts, illegally inflating the value of his company to benefit the company and himself.

We commend Attorney General James for bringing this suit. Should the Department of Justice judge it warranted on the facts and the law, they should bring criminal charges as well. Trump has escaped accountability for too long. It’s well past time to pay the piper.”