Following reports of a second insurrection-related flag flown by Justice Alito, CREW President Noah Bookbinder released the following statement:

“There is an apparent pattern of Justice Alito publicly displaying symbols featured in the January 6th attack on the Capitol and associated with Donald Trump’s false claim of having won the 2020 election. Flying a flag carried at the insurrection in the days immediately following the insurrection is tremendously alarming. Doing so again, years later and on multiple occasions, as even more high stakes insurrection-related cases came before the Court, simply cannot be explained away. Federal judges legally must recuse themselves if their impartiality can reasonably be questioned. At this point it is difficult to make any reasonable case for Alito’s impartiality; it can and must be questioned. As a result, he must not sit on cases about the 2020 election or the insurrection he appears to have supported.”


Photo of Alito via Flickr under a Creative Commons license.