Washington — Following the House of Representatives’ passage of H.R. 1, the For the People Act, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington President Noah Bookbinder released the following statement:

“Opportunities for true democratic reform are rare, and with tonight’s passage of the For the People Act, Congress has taken the first step toward making lasting voting and democracy changes to build an accountable, inclusive and ethical government. We have seen in recent years an unprecedented number of attacks on our democratic institutions, and this bill will address countless anti-democratic laws and practices that have continued the systematic exclusion of voices that has plagued our system since its founding. Democracy only works when we all have an equal and fair opportunity to participate in the process and we do not let special interest groups drown out the voices of the people. 

“Corruption not only undermines the integrity of our government, but also disrupts the system of checks and balances that keeps our democracy from devolving into autocracy. Far from being a partisan power grab, HR 1 addresses fundamental threats to our democracy, including by countering the negative influence of money in politics and by protecting elections and the rights of voters. This legislation proposes structural reforms, many of which have bipartisan and nonpartisan roots, that could deliver lasting benefits to the strength and vitality of our institutions, and create a truly strong and ethical democracy that works for all Americans.”

CREW is part of the Declaration for American Democracy coalition, a nonpartisan collaboration of more than one hundred and seventy local, state and national organizations committed to delivering the bold reforms to our democracy that the public is demanding. You can learn more about the Declaration for American Democracy here.