Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, one of the wealthiest members of President Trump’s cabinet, reported between $5,438,693 – $31,303,649 in income on his public financial disclosure report for 2019. 

The copy of the report that CREW obtained has been certified by the Office of Government Ethics. Both Secretary Mnuchin and a Treasury Department ethics official signed off on the disclosure.

According to the report, Mnuchin’s controversial interest via his spouse in Stormchaser Partners increased in value, as did a receivable owed to him from the company. He also disclosed an interest in a real estate management company that was omitted from his previous report and the mysterious $25 – $50 million debt that a trust in his brother’s name owed Mnuchin was paid off at some point in 2019. 

Mnuchin also continued to hold an interest in a Vanguard Treasury Money Market Fund despite the statute prohibiting the Treasury Secretary from buying or selling financial obligations of the US government. CREW sued in September, 2019 for records on the ethics advice that Mnuchin was given on the investment. 

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