Trump’s DC hotel is now sold out for a full week including election night, October 29th through November 4th. That means that there were still willing customers around the election, despite the hotel’s exorbitant rate spike.

Reserving a basic room at President Trump’s DC hotel for the weekend before the election costs a minimum of $1,295, and during the four nights surrounding the election, rooms at the hotel are entirely sold out. With an average room rate of $477, this represents a spike of nearly triple the average rate.

CREW reported back in January that the hotel already appeared to be sold out on election night and the night before, and that the rates were spiking the night after. Now, the hotel also appears to be sold out for November 1st and 4th. Not only that, but the weekend before the election, reserving a basic room costs $1,295 on Thursday night, $1,395 on Friday and Saturday night, according to the Trump hotel website. 

The rate for a basic room on November 4th had already reached $1,600 nine months ago, so it appears that the hotel drove up prices due to high demand. 

That rate spike means that no matter what happens in the election, Trump will be making even more money than usual from his political supporters. Nearly tripling rates at Trump hotel may not seem like a big deal, but it could be a significant boost to Trump’s struggling businesses: The cost of one night in a Trump hotel room the weekend before the election would be nearly enough to cover the amount that Trump reportedly paid in federal taxes for 2016 and 2017, combined. 

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