Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week was forced to resign by President Trump. Trump then named Matthew Whitaker, Attorney General Sessions’ chief of staff, as Acting Attorney General rather than Deputy Assistant Attorney General Rod  Rosenstein, who is next in the line of succession.

This appointment raises concerns that Whitaker, who has publicly and repeatedly made statements about the Special Counsel’s investigation that reflect personal bias and prejudgment, was selected to hinder or shut down that investigation.

CREW filed two expedited requests with the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Management Division and Office of Information Policy for copies of any ethics waivers or authorizations granted to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker since September 2017. The FOIA requests also seek any communications concerning ethics advice given to Whitaker.

As acting Attorney General, Whitaker will assume oversight responsibility for the ongoing investigation into the activities of President Trump and his campaign, as well as other investigations and prosecutions related to the president, his businesses, and his campaign.

Read the FOIA requests and request for expedition here:

Office of Information Policy
Justice Management Division
Request for Expedition

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