Donald Trump’s Save America PAC’s $650,000 donation to the Smithsonian Institution is unprecedented, marking the first time that a PAC has financed a presidential portrait and raising questions about undue influence on governmental decisions. 

CREW has requested records from the Smithsonian Institution on the PAC donation, any communications between Trump and the Smithsonian and any policies or procedures on PAC donations and commissioning of Presidential portraits.

The PAC’s July 2022 donation to fund portraits of Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump for the National Portrait Gallery is a concerning overlap of a government institution with a PAC. Trump’s Save America PAC is notorious for aggressive and deceptive fundraising tactics, and with the money going in part towards a government entity like the Smithsonian, the public should know whether there is any political motivation attached to such a large donation from a political group.

As Trump flirts with a 2024 presidential run, any attempts at political influence in the government through his PAC should be scrutinized and made public.

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