The Trump Organization recently tweeted that Eric Trump and 32 paying customers from the North Carolina club had just arrived at the Trump golf course in Scotland for a golf tournament. As a son of the president, Eric Trump is entitled to Secret Service protection. However, this protection comes at a significant cost when the Trump children travel abroad to make money for a business that the president continues to own and profit from.

CREW requested records from the Secret Service about exactly how much Eric Trump’s trip to Scotland on May 16th, 2019 cost taxpayers.

We do not have a complete picture of the extent to which taxpayers are footing the bill for international business travel for the Trump family, but we do have a few data points. The Washington Post reported that Eric Trump’s early January 2017 trip to Uruguay to promote the interests of the Trump Organization cost U.S. taxpayers “nearly $100,000 in hotel rooms for Secret Service and embassy staff.” NBC News reported that rental vehicles alone for Eric Trump’s 2017 Dominican Republic trip cost the Secret Service $4,0162.02. The security detail for Eric and Donald Jr.’s 2017 trip to Dubai to attend the opening of their lavish golf resort reportedly cost nearly $17,000.

Ultimately, promotion of these Trump family international holdings promotes the business interests of the President because he has refused to divest from his businesses. The requested records will show the one concrete cost to taxpayers for the Trump family to pursue their personal profits.

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