Following the release of new documents related to the Michael Cohen investigation by a federal court in New York, CREW requested records from multiple offices in the Department of Justice and the FBI to determine who, besides Cohen, may have committed campaign finance violations by being involved in the Stormy Daniels hush money payments, and whether any of the people involved in the investigation obstructed justice, including by giving false testimony.  These records are especially critical because the newly-released documents show that President Trump was much more involved in the payments than he claimed to be. Many members of Trump’s inner circle were also involved. 

CREW has filed several complaints and requests for investigation related to the hush money payments. Earlier this year, CREW also released a comprehensive report outlining the multiple crimes, including campaign finance violations, that President Trump appeared to have committed while campaigning and during his first year in office.


Criminal Division
Executive Office for United States Attorneys
Office of Information Policy
Office of Public Affairs

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