CREW received records that show the cost to taxpayers for the trip was more than $80,000.

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Eric Trump recently tweeted about a business trip he took to Uruguay in January 2019 to visit the construction site of Trump Tower Punta del Este. A previous trip to Uruguay cost the U.S. taxpayers “nearly $100,000 in hotel rooms for Secret Service and embassy staff.” Under the Freedom of Information Act, CREW requested Secret Service records that would show the costs of Eric Trump’s most recent trip to Uruguay.

Eric Trump, as a son of the president, is entitled to Secret Service protection. However this protection comes at a significant cost when the Trump children travel abroad to advance their private business interests. Ultimately, promotion of these international holdings also promotes the business interests of the President because he has refused to divest. The American people deserve to know how much of their tax dollars are spent towards increasing the president’s personal bottom line.

CREW requested records of the government funds that went towards the January 2019 trip to Uruguay to understand the full cost to taxpayers of such business travel. The requested records will help the public determine whether the conduct of the Trump Organization is at odds with the president’s commitment to “drain the swamp.”

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