Recent news reports reveal that Ms. Pompeo “has taken an unusually active and prominent role at the [CIA].” Reportedly she has used agency resources, including office space and assistance from CIA staff. CNN has reported that Ms. Pompeo “regularly spend[s] her days at the agency, traveling with her husband, and attending agency social events[.]” This appears to be a carryover from the role she played in her husband’s political campaigns serving “as one of his most-trusted adviser,” and sharing a home office with her husband.

CREW requests all email communications to and from Susan Pompeo, wife of CIA Director Mike Pompeo, from any email account Ms. Pompeo uses to communicate about the CIA. This request does not include communications between Ms. Pompeo and Director Pompeo on personal or other matters unrelated to the CIA

The requested records may shed light on the precise role Ms. Pompeo has played at the CIA, the extent to which she has been involved in agency business as a non-paid, non-employee, and the extent to which that involvement has included directing CIA staff in the performance of their jobs.

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