CREW requests copies of all records for EPA-funded meals at non-governmental locations attended by Administrator Scott Pruitt from February 17, 2017, to the present.  This request includes, but is not limited to, meals for which Administrator Pruitt sought reimbursement from the EPA or which he charged on a government-issued credit card.

A recent New York Times article documents a host of industry meetings Administrator Pruitt has held, many of which included expensive meals at many “powerbroker” locations in Washington, D.C., such as the BLT Prime, a steakhouse within the Trump International Hotel in Washington.  Reportedly, many of the individuals with whom Administrator Pruitt met “have high-profile matters pending before the agency, with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in regulatory costs at stake.”  Id.  The requested records will shed light on the extent to which the American taxpayers are funding lobbying efforts by outsiders seeking to influence EPA decisions and policies, and alternatively the extent to which Administrator Pruitt has been treated to meals paid for by those same outsiders while in his capacity as EPA Administrator.

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