Republican megadonor group Liberty Center for God and Country reportedly hired a former Houston police captain who assaulted a man as a part of carrying out an elaborate scheme to find evidence for a false conspiracy theory of widespread voter fraud in Harris County. The public needs to know whether Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller have ties to this group. 

Liberty Center for God and Country has received donations from Miller and reportedly sought advice from Paxton. Any further ties to the Attorney General would be seriously concerning given that Paxton pursued litigation against other states for alleged voter fraud in the 2020 election. A relationship with the group would also exacerbate the recent revelations that Paxton pressured Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to revoke CARES funding for mail-in-ballots to Harris County, one of the most diverse cities in the country and which eventually went for Biden by over 200,000 votes. 

CREW has requested records from Texas on Liberty Center for God and Country communications with Paxton and Miller.

Trump’s continued attacks on the 2020 election results have been enabled by secretive groups, like the Liberty Center for God and Country, and agitators within the government, like Paxton, who continue to wield their power in an attempt to curry favor with the president at the expense of our democracy. The public deserves to know the extent to which officials like Paxton and Miller are being unduly influenced by outside groups seeking to promote Trump’s personal agenda of destabilizing our democracy.

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