South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has received intense blowback for suggesting that Georgia officials throw out legally cast ballots in the state and questioning Arizona’s mail-in voting process. Two days ago, Graham told reporters that he spoke to election officials in Arizona over concerns regarding mail-in voting, conversations which Arizona Governor Doug Ducey confirmed. CREW condemned Graham’s attempted election interference in Georgia and called for his resignation as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is now launching an investigation into his attacks on both Georgia and Arizona’s elections.

CREW has requested Graham’s communications with Ducey and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on the 2020 elections.

Graham is a Trump ally who appears to be bolstering Trump’s efforts to undermine the presidential election results with claims of voter fraud, allegations that have been debunked by news sources, think tanks and even Attorney General Bill Barr, who has notoriously backed previous Trump conspiracies. Graham has clearly endangered the integrity of the 2020 election and undermined faith in democracy by pressuring a public official to tamper with the results of the presidential election. The public deserves to know just how vehemently he advanced voter fraud conspiracy theories.

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