The Office of the Special Counsel (OSC) recommended that Special Counsel Kellyanne Conway be fired from the White House for her unprecedented and repeated violations of the Hatch Act. Her multiple violations include engaging in prohibited political activity in her official duty by bashing 2020 candidates on official media appearances. The White House defended Conway’s conduct, saying that OSC’s determination was “deeply flawed and violated her right to free speech and due process.” OSC made every effort to reach out to the White House to stop Conway’s law breaking rather than issue such a scathing letter. CREW requested the records that would prove the extent of the outreach, testing the White House stance.

CREW requested two letters OSC sent to Kellyanne Conway warning her about her inappropriate Twitter use, in attempts to resolve the issue without taking the unprecedented step of calling for her removal from the White House. CREW also requested any records from two OSC meetings warning the White House Counsel’s office about Conway’s numerous inappropriate political statements.

The requested records will shed light on the White House claim that OSC acted unfairly in releasing their decisions on Conway’s violations of the law. OSC made repeated attempts to inform Conway that she was violating the Hatch Act and significant efforts to get her to comply with the law. The American people deserve to know the truth that these records will reveal about the White House’s attitude toward politicization of government positions.

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