Trump used his tour of four Western states to yet again profit off of the presidency by staying every night at his Las Vegas Trump International Hotel, on the taxpayers’ dime. When asked why he didn’t find other accommodations in California, Arizona and Colorado, Trump claimed that “the schedule is set by the Secret Service. We do what they want us to. 

CREW is requesting documents from the Secret Service to see whether the Secret Service actually made the request that Trump stay at his own hotel, which had him boomeranging between states and required an extra $1.1 million in taxpayer funded Air Force One trips. 

This wouldn’t be the first time that Trump has claimed a decision to spend taxpayer dollars at one of his properties was because of a Secret Service request. In the fall of last year, Trump’s claim that the the Secret Service preferred to host the G-7 Summit at his own struggling Doral golf resort was contradicted by Secret Service documents CREW obtained that showed the Secret Service only added Doral after pressure from the administration. After intense public scrutiny, Trump reversed his decision to use Doral to host the G-7 Summit. 

The public deserves to know if Trump is once again lying about the Secret Service’s role in funneling taxpayer dollars toward one of his businesses.

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