Lawmakers across the country have attempted to ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools by passing laws that prevent schools from teaching about systemic racism. This new surge in bans on teaching racial justice was sparked by then-president Donald Trump’s executive order which restricted diversity training in the federal government, coming mere months after the murder of George Floyd and growth of the Black Lives Matter movement. Voters deserve to know if the bans on education addressing racial justice are inspired or driven by special interest groups.

CREW has filed public records requests with state legislatures that have attempted to enact or have enacted statewide legislation prohibiting the teaching of critical race theory, including Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. The requests include any limits regarding testimony of the public, information or analysis regarding claims that the bills would decrease political divisiveness or promote racial, ethnic or sexual equality, and any communication with right wing advocacy groups, such as Family Research Council and Tea Party Patriots. 

Education on racism, diversity, and other related topics are crucial to a strong and thriving democracy. Voters deserve to know if special interest groups are behind these bans on racial justice education, which seek to limit public school students’ education about the histories of systemic racism that communities of color have faced and continue to face in the United States.

State legislature public records requests

Image by Chris McCorkle under a Creative Commons license.

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