President Trump has been very vocal about his desire to quickly reopen businesses in the United States, despite a lack of data supporting the safety of reopening. This raises questions as to his motives behind his push to reopen the economy, as Trump owns multiple private businesses in the hotel and golf industry in Florida and across the country, which are reportedly losing up to $1 million in revenue daily during the closures. 

CREW has requested all communications between the office of the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis and representatives from various Trump properties, as well as communications from the Doral city government referring to Trump’s properties in Florida or with representatives of the Trump Organization.

The requested documents can provide insight into whether or not President Trump used his position of power to pressure the state into allowing him to reopen his businesses earlier than advised by public health experts. It may also indicate whether Trump sought or received local financial aid, taking away from smaller establishments in greater need of assistance that lack an owner with the bully pulpit of the presidency. 

The public has a right to know if Trump is privileging his businesses and potential profit opportunities over public safety and an appropriate response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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