Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has financial interest in USPS contractors that reportedly exceeds $30 million, raising questions of conflicts of interest. Additionally, DeJoy appears to continue to have unresolved conflicts with Amazon, a major USPS competitor. To date, the USPS has not released DeJoy’s ethics agreement, despite intense public interest in whether he will recuse himself from matters relating to those interests or whether he will divest them. 

CREW has requested records from USPS asking for DeJoy’s ethics agreement, screening arrangement, and any other records related to his recusals or divestitures. 

DeJoy is a Trump appointee who made over $2.2 million in political donations to the Republican National Convention and Trump campaign in 2016 alone. Given Trump’s continual bashing of voting by mail, DeJoy’s appointment raised concerns that he would implement measures that would make it harder for voters to vote by mail in November. These concerns have alarmingly manifested with recent reports that DeJoy administered policies that have slowed USPS operationsincluding mail deliveryand “reassigned or displaced” 23 USPS executives last week. 

DeJoy should not be operating as postmaster general without accounting for his conflicts of interest. Until USPS releases these records, the public will remain in the dark as to whether DeJoy is resolving his conflicts of interest. The integrity of our mail serviceand our electionscould be at stake.

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