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Revolving Door: Once an advisor, he now lobbies his old boss

[…] ban on Russian-made rocket engines.   Still, Skipper’s efforts, which were spelled out in unusual detail in his lobbying reports, provide a rare look into how the revolving door spins. As a former top adviser, Skipper has special access to Rep. Rogers, and his lobbying clients know they can hire him to gain that access. […]

The Trump Ethics Pledge: Explained

[…] same as in the Lobbying Disclosure Act, which covers both lobbying contacts and any efforts in support of such contacts (i.e. behind- the-scenes assistance). Paragraph 2 – The revolving door ban for appointees leaving government is essentially a restatement of a statutory prohibition senior employees are already subject to under 18 U.S.C. 207(c). The ban omits […]

Limiting secret money in politics

[…] nonprofits Issue 6: Use of shell companies to conceal federal election spending  Issue 7: A gridlocked and dysfunctional Federal Election Commission Issue 8: Anonymously funded judicial nominations campaigns Issue 9: Weak lobbying disclosure laws Issue 10: The revolving door between paid advocacy and government work Issue 11: Failures to regulate foreign influence in politics and policy

A bitter pill: how big pharma lobbies to keep prescription drug prices high

[…] bills. Thus far, they have stalled in committee or gotten little traction on the House or Senate floor. We also examined how Big Pharma utilizes the ” revolving door” between government agencies and lobbying firms to push back against new regulations. These cases revealed that because of the industry’s lobbying power, it is incredibly difficult […]

Former Price aides now lobby their old boss on behalf of tobacco, big pharma

[…] Secretary. Tom Price’s confirmation to HHS appears to have opened up new professional opportunities for his former congressional staff, providing a particularly stark example of how the revolving door actually works in practice. At the start of a new administration, special interest groups look to establish new connections to those in power, giving those lobbyists […]

CREW statement on Trump ethics Executive Order

[…] removes the ban on lobbyists going to work in the agencies that they lobbied. Lobbyists bring a special interest baggage with them when they pass through the revolving door when they go to work in the agencies they once lobbied. It’s as if their former employers have embedded agents of influence in the government. Second, […]