CREW has received records from the DOJ. Review the records here, here and here.

CREW is suing the DOJ for failing to turn over records on communications with officials from states like Florida and Missouri who reportedly blocked the deployment of DOJ election monitors to polling sites during the 2022 election, which likely impeded the DOJ Civil Rights Division’s ability to protect federal voting rights in those states. CREW previously requested records from the DOJ and has received none to date.

The months leading up to the 2022 midterm elections were notably marked by a series of humiliating and harmful publicity stunts by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, including public arrests for so-called election crimes and the roll out of new restrictive election laws, which disproportionately disenfranchised Black voters.

The rebuke of federal election oversight came on the heels of these efforts, raising questions around whether the federal government is adequately able to protect voting rights. At the very least, the public needs to know more about any rationale states like Florida and Missouri provided for refusing federal election monitors designed to protect federal voting rights. 

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