CREW is suing Customs and Border Protection for records on Border Patrol Agent Brandon Judd, who has touted the far-right “great replacement” conspiracy theory that Democrats are deliberately “replacing” white Americans with immigrants to skew the electorate. The theory is deeply rooted in white supremacist ideology and is linked to several racially-motivated mass murders carried out in the U.S.

In April 2022, Judd appeared on Fox News and touted the far-right talking point to anchor BIll Hemmer. CREW launched an investigation on June 8, 2022, requesting all communications sent or received by Judd since January 1, 2020 that mention terms relevant to the conspiracy theory—including “Great Replacement,” “ open border,” “white genocide,” “demographic change,” “Jews” and “liberal voters.” 

CREW also sought communications between Judd and any employees or representatives of Fox News and Newsmax, including far-right figures Tucker Carlson, Bill Hemmer, Laura Ingraham, John Bachman, Greg Kelly and Sean Spicer.

CREW has not received any records to date.

The public has a significant interest in learning whether Judd—a federal employee and the sitting president of the National Border Patrol Council Union—has endorsed or promoted the racist theory while communicating in his official capacity as a CPB employee. It is also increasingly urgent to reveal how prevalent and popular the theory is within the agency, given the deadly mass murders inspired by the theory and the violence that immigrants experience at the hands of those policing the border.

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