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Following a court ruling, the USPS has turned over records to CREW indicating that the USPS seriously mismanaged Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s conflicts of interest from the start.

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CREW is suing the US Postal Service (USPS) for failing to turn over documents on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s continued financial interest in USPS contractor and ex-employer XPO Logistics, totaling between $30 and $75 million. 

Over the past seven years, the USPS has reportedly paid approximately $286 million to XPO Logistics, and has “ramped up its business” with the company since DeJoy’s appointment as Postmaster General. Additionally, DeJoy appears to continue to have unresolved financial conflicts of interest with Amazon, a major USPS competitor. There is a heightened need for details of his financial interests in XPO Logistics given recent revelations that in the past he apparently coerced and reimbursed his employees at the company to donate to GOP campaigns, which is against election law

CREW continues to seek all ethics agreements, records of recusals and screening arrangements pertaining to DeJoy, records identifying financial interests from which DeJoy or his spouse must divest and communications between DeJoy and USPS officials regarding his Amazon conflict. 

DeJoy, a Trump and GOP donor, has also apparently followed Trump’s public agenda to delegitimize voting by mail by orchestrating multiple attacks against the postal service, including slowing mail, displacing employees, and removing mailboxes. With the election less than a month away and many Americans opting to vote by mail due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the public urgently deserves to know just how compromised the official controlling their mail service truly is.

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