CREW filed a third complaint against Donald J. Trump and the Trump Foundation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) asking that the IRS investigate whether Donald J. Trump violated the tax code by repeatedly engaging in prohibited acts of self-dealing, and whether the Trump Foundation violated its tax-exempt status by making multiple payments that benefited Mr. Trump and his business interests.

Mr. Trump is the president of the Trump Foundation. In recent weeks, the Washington Post has reported that on multiple occasions the Trump Foundation paid Mr. Trump’s personal and business obligations, all apparently acts of self-dealing. On one occasion, for example, a golf club owned by Mr. Trump settled a lawsuit by agreeing to pay $158,000 to charity, but the Trump Foundation paid the obligation. At other times, Mr. Trump or members of his or members of his family pledged to make contributions at charity auctions, but the Trump Foundation made the payments. As explained in CREW’s previous complaints, the Trump Foundation and Mr. Trump also apparently engaged in self-dealing and private inurement when the foundation made a $25,000 political contribution.

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