The House Ways and Means Committee must vote to send former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the Senate Finance Committee so they can carry out their oversight responsibilities and serve as a meaningful check on the executive branch. 

In a letter sent today, CREW called on the Committee to ensure Trump’s tax returns for 2015-2020, recently obtained after four years of litigation and legal challenges, can be used for critical oversight purposes, including shaping much-needed anti-corruption reforms. 

As CREW President Noah Bookbinder testified before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight in 2019, tax returns can be a critical tool in anti-corruption investigations, and Trump’s tax returns could provide key information about the conflicts of interest Trump created when he failed to divest from his business interests during his presidency. Trump intertwined his business interests with the presidency to an unprecedented level, and a full picture of that corruption—and reforms to address it—is long overdue. It is essential that the House Ways and Means Committee act as it is empowered to, and vote to send Trump’s tax returns to the Senate Finance Committee, which is also authorized to receive an individual’s otherwise private tax returns under 26 U.S.C. §6103(f)(1).

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