At least three internet figures appearing at President Trump’s controversial social media summit have patronized his businesses in the last month. Conservative singer and former Trump campaign advisory board member Joy Villa, Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk have all spent time at a Trump property in the weeks before the event. Donald Trump Jr., Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization is also attending the event. 

Villa presumably stayed at the Trump International Hotel DC the night before the summit. She posted a picture of herself in a Trump hotel robe on the morning of the event. 

Hoft, who is based in St. Louis, Missouri, ate lunch at Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago on July 8. 

Finally, less than a month ago, Kirk, President Trump and Don Jr. took a picture together at the Trump International Hotel DC. 

This is just one more example of a troubling pattern: there is a distinct overlap between the people spending money at the president’s businesses and the people who are granted access to his administration.

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