CREW is suing DOJ following their failure to expedite our request for records on the Election Threats Task Force.

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As election workers continue to face threats of violence, the apparent inactivity of DOJ’s Election Threats Task Force grows increasingly concerning and requires urgent public attention. Formed in response to an onslaught of threats of violence to election workers following the 2020 presidential election, the task force has shared little publicly, despite continuing threats of violence—the task force reportedly received nearly 1,000 tips in the year after its formation, yet only three have resulted in legal action.

CREW has requested records from the DOJ on the Election Threats Task Force, including who is on the task force, how many tips it has received since its formation and any communications between Attorney General Merrick Garland and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. CREW has also submitted a request for expedition as midterm elections loom and election workers should be able to make an informed choice about working, based on what is being done to protect them.

As of March 2022, continued threats of violence paired with the task force’s perceived inaction have reportedly left many election workers seriously considering quitting their positions over safety concerns. Former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shae Moss illustrated the gravity of these threats during their harrowing testimonies to the January 6 committee. Election workers and the work they do is critical for any thriving democracy and their safety should be a priority for our government—the public needs to know far more about what the Election Threats Task Force is doing for reassurance that these threats are being taken seriously.

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