Following the Secret Service’s failure to produce responsive records, CREW submitted an administrative appeal.

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The public needs more information about Donald Trump’s “lunging” at a Secret Service agent’s throat after being denied transportation to the Capitol on January 6th, as former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson alleged in her January 6th Select Committee testimony.

Hutchinson described an aide witnessing Trump reach to the front of the vehicle when told he was not going to the Capitol to “‘grab at the steering wheel,’ while using his free hand ‘to lunge toward Bobby Engel.’” According to Hutchinson, the aide “motioned his hands toward the clavicle” when he shared this. 

CREW has requested Secret Service records regarding Trump’s reported assault on Secret Service Agent Bobby Engel on January 6, 2021. 

Hutchinson’s vivid account of the events of January 6 indicate that Trump engaged in an unprecedented and criminal effort to overthrow the government, even going so far as attempting to choke a Secret Service agent. The Secret Service has since publicly pushed back on Hutchinson’s account and records could shed light on whether the attack took place, and if so, whether the agency took steps to address the attack or attempted to cover it up.

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