CREW requests records of all communications between White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and/or FBI Director James Comey concerning:

  1. New reports dating back to February 14, 2017, about communications during the 2016 presidential campaign between associates of then-candidate Donald Trump and Russians of interest to U.S. intelligence; and
  2. Communications between Mr. Priebus and Director Comey and/or Deputy Director McCabe concerning any aspect of a pending FBI investigation involving or implicating associates and/or campaign aides of Donald Trump.

According to numerous news reports, in mid-February 2017, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus requested that top FBI officials publicly dispute reports of frequent contacts between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and Russians of interest to U.S. intelligence, the subject of a current FBI investigation.

The requested records will shed light on the extent to which top FBI officials in this and possibly other instances during this investigation deviated from long-standing procedures limiting direct communications between the White House and FBI on pending investigations.

2017-2-27 FOIA Request Federal Bureau of Investigation

2017-2-28 CIA Correspondence

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