First, CREW requests all communications from October 2013 through February 28, 2017, between any individual Federal Election Commissioner or his or her office and the Secretary of the Commission regarding the scheduling of the following Matters Under Review (MURs) brought by CREW:

  • MUR 6471 (Commission on Hope, Growth, and Opportunity)
  • MUR 6509 (Friends of Hermain Cain Inc., et al.)
  • MUR 6511 (Robert E. Andrews, et al.)
  • MUR 6518 (Newton L. Gingrich, et al.)
  • MUR 6521 and 6742 (Republican Party of Minnesota, et al.)
  • MUR 6538 (Americans for Job Security, et al.)
  • MUR 6556 (Paul Broun, et al.)
  • MUR 6589 (American Action Network)
  • MUR 6612 (Crossroads GPS)
  • MUR 6661 (Robert E. Murray, et al.)
  • MUR 6696 (Crossroads GPS)
  • MUR 6729 (Checks and Balances for Economic Growth)
  • MUR 6746 (Americans in Contact PAC, et al.)
  • MUR 6816 (American Future Fund, et al.)

Second, CREW seeks those portions of the transcripts of all executive committee meetings held between October 2013 and February 28, 2017, in which a commissioner asked for a delay in any of the above-outlined MURs.

2017-3-2 FOIA Request Federal Election Commission MURs

Emails Enclosed 9-18-2017

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