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Election deniers head America First Policy Institute’s new state chapters

[…] reported that Bondi’s office was considering joining the New York lawsuit against Trump University. In 2016, Trump’s representatives admitted to the illegal donation amid a series of complaints filed by CREW against Trump and Bondi. The Foundation was dissolved in 2018 in the face of growing scandals. Leadership of AFPI’s California chapter was handed […]

Emails reveal Secret Service contacts with Oath Keepers

[…] October 2015, the Montana Supreme Court’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel recommended that Rhodes be disbarred for violating his attorney oath following a number of ethics and conduct complaints against him, joining Arizona, which admonished Rhodes in 2012 for practicing without a license. While the nearly all-white Oath Keepers themselves are purportedly not a white […]

Oversight and Policy Letters

CREW sends letters to agencies and officials across all three branches of government, including inquiries, requests for investigations, complaints or recommendations on policy reforms. Our letters advocate for an ethical, more transparent, equitable government and help to raise awareness and drive accountability.

CREW and Colorado Common Cause request records of threats to election workers

[…] in the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, but also had specific dangerous impacts in states across the country including Colorado, and led to lawsuits and complaints. As National Public Radio noted in an article entitled “Death Threats and Conspiracy Theories: Why 2020 Won’t End for Election Officials,” the “Big Lie” – “The […]

Shedding light on the Pentagon’s 1033 program

[…] review process to address inappropriate uses of equipment for all participating agencies. This process should also include a way for the public to provide input and raise complaints. As the annual defense appropriations process picks up again in the spring, transparency advocates should push for the inclusion of bills like Representative Hank Johnson’s Stop […]

FOIA Requests

[…] present concerning the Department of Public Safety’s response to public gatherings or protests in Georgia, including records related to any alleged misconduct by, or disciplinary action taken against any employee of the Department in response to this type of event.  CREW also requested all communications with the Office of the Governor, the Office of […]

Donald Sherman testifies on judicial ethics

[…] from cases tied to efforts to overturn the 2020 election, despite his wife Ginni Thomas’s deep involvement in such matters. Thomas was the only justice to vote against releasing the Trump White House’s communications related to January 6. The judiciary is built on a foundation of public trust: it does not have the power […]

Mark Meadows’ campaign likely violated the law. The FEC let him get away with it. 

[…] personal use according to the FEC’s General Counsel.   But if you thought the FEC would take action, you’d be wrong. The FEC lately seems content to dismiss complaints and close files, even in cases where staff has found that violations—even egregious ones—likely occurred.  In the Meadows case, the same thing happened. The FEC closed […]