NRA again leaves out millions in political spending on tax forms

After failing to disclose $33.5 million in political activity from 2008 to 2013, the NRA failed to disclose another $25 million in political spending to the IRS in 2014, according to a supplemented complaint filed by CREW today. 

CREW files ethics complaint against Marco Rubio

The Senate Ethics Committee should investigate whether Sen. Marco Rubio violated Senate rules by converting campaign funds to personal funds, CREW requested in a complaint filed today.

CREW files complaint against Bush super PAC, spies and donors

Right to Rise USA, the main super PAC supporting Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal donations, constituting multiple law violations, according to a complaint filed today by CREW.

CREW files CHGO complaint with district attorney

CREW filed a complaint with the District Attorney's office for the District of Columbia to investigate whether  Reed, Berman,  Canfield, officers, vendors, and/or consultants for CHGO violated federal law by making false statements to the FEC and the IRS and by obstructing an FEC investigation

More evidence of Rubio group illegal activity

CREW filed a supplement today to its IRS complaint against the Conservative Solutions Project (CSP), shining a light on even more evidence that the so-called “social welfare” organization is in fact illegally operating to primarily benefit Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. 

CREW files complaint against Rubio, Tillis groups

In order to fight a new form of dark money organization, CREW today filed complaints against political groups posing as non-profit social welfare organizations but existing only to benefit the presidential campaign of Marco Rubio and the senate campaign of Thom Tillis.

CREW files IRS complaint against Michigan Advocacy Trust

CREW today filed a complaint with the IRS urging the agency to investigate a secretive Michigan political organization called Michigan Advocacy Trust (MAT) for spending millions of dollars on political ads without disclosing its donors. 

CREW requests FTC investigate former Senator Scott Brown

CREW today called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate whether former U.S. Senator Scott Brown violated the law by failing to disclose his financial interest in AdvoCare nutritional products when he endorsed them on Facebook and in other communications to his supporters.

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